Building Conversation

I helped to create and found Building Conversation, an augmented reality architectural visualization company serving both the urban public process and private design and development firms. The project started as an interdisciplinary capstone project at Northeastern University with a team that consisted of myself and six other seniors in the Interactive Media program. Working with input from Sasaki Associates in Watertown, Massachusetts, our team developed an iPad app that allows the user to see a proposed building project in real time and space. The app also serves as a discussion platform to engage the public directly with the stakeholders in the project, namely the architects, project managers, and owners of new building proposals. The project received the 2013 RISE Interdisciplinary award at Northeastern University’s Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo.

In addition to being a member of the core team and helping out with iOS development, my primary task was to develop a complimentary website for the app that further engages the user. Part of this included interfacing directly with the data received from the app as well as providing a more robust forum for the community.