you want someone who can understand and enhance your brand.

With over 5 years of experience working for branding agencies, non-profits, and one of the most well-known news outlets in the nation, I can do just that. At the moment, when I’m not working as a senior developer for Tank Design in Cambridge, I’m yelling at the Red Sox to play better, training for a half marathon, and trying to make beer.

I also usually have a football at my desk, but that's probably less important.

I’m a developer and designer based in Boston, and I make things work.

Working in both the freelance and agency space, I’ve worked as a developer and technical lead to build things for the web for a range of clients. From full-blown CMS builds, to usability prototypes, to Javascript applications, I am able to leverage my graphic design background and technical knowledge into robust experiences that engage the user. Basically, I like to make stuff.

There’s nothing better than something that works beautifully and tells a story, and I could spend all day looking at data visualizations. Good typography can be the most powerful piece of the puzzle. Sublime Text is my jam.

I also let sports run my life on occasion, but I’m really OK with that.

Check out the resume

You can find me tweeting things about web development and sports stuff; I share some of my side projects on GitHub; I’m pretty friendly on Facebook; and I’d truly enjoy talking to you about design, Boston sports, craft beer, or your next project. So let’s talk.

I look forward to hearing from you.